● WISHES aims to serve Allah the Almighty with the best by providing all deserving Muslim learners quality education for a well-balanced life and success both in this world and in the life hereafter where pupils/students learn authentic knowledge of Islam (according to the Qur'an and the Sunnah), Qur'an and Arabic Language along with the Department of Education (DepEd) curriculum (English, Math, Science, etc.). 

●WISHES plans to have a separate enriched Madrasah (Islamic and Arabic) Department in the future, insha Allah, where there will be more on Qur’an memorization, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies (Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadeeth, Seerah, Duaa and Da’wah) to be enriched with English and Filipino Languages and basic knowledge of Computer and Information Science as subjects. This is open for students who want to pursue Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in order to: a) teach Qur’an, Arabic, Islamic Studies; b) become an Imam; c) be a writer on Islam; and/or d) do Da’wah based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The enriched Madrasah department will be the WISHES’ Waqf Project where all the profits or earnings out of tuitions fees and donations will be used for the expansion of WISHES Islamic projects, namely: 1) putting up other Islamic schools in other cities/locations in the Philippines and elsewhere worldwide with minimal tuition fees, enough to sustain the operation of the school(s); 2) establishing WISHES campus for the college Islamic department (i.e., offer Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor in Islamic Studies ; 3) giving scholarships to poor, and qualified or deserving students who want to take up Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies at WISHES; 4) provide accommodation at reasonable fees for students enrolled in the enriched Madrasah department to make Qur’an memorization easy for them; 5) establishing small printing press for the publication and printing of Islamic books and booklets based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah; 6) train and employ qualified male and female Muslims to be effective duaat; and 7) conduct more Islamic lectures and seminars based on the Qur’an and Sunnah where male and female audience will be segregated – all these Islamic programs and projects are intended to please Allah the Almighty so that He will bless us and make Islam based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah prevail for all deserving Muslims and non-Muslims who go for the True Religion and Way of Life, Islam based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah.  In this way, all deserving Muslims will enjoy  peace, prosperity and supreme success, especially in the eternal world.

Alhamdulillah, in less than one school year (June 2010 -January 2011), our  average Grade I and II pupils learned to: 1. express themselves or communicate in English; 2. read both in English and Arabic; 3. read the Holy Qur’an; 4. memorize more than 20 short Surahs  (Chapters) and selected Ayaat (Verses) of the Glorious Qur’an;  5.  pray properly; 6. memorize more than 15 Du’as (Supplications) from the Qur’an and the Sunnah; 7. understand the basic fundamentals of Islam; and 8. study with understanding all the subjects being offered in their level by the Department of Education.

Qualified teachers (most of them are raised in Saudi Arabia and graduated  in Islamic international institutions including Madinah University,  graduated with  honors, some with Masters degrees, and others are experienced graduate teachers in leading universities in the Philippines and in the USA);

● Pupils/Students come from various nationalities (Egyptian, Japanese, Pakistanis, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Filipinos from different ethnic backgrounds: Kalagans, Maranaws, Maguindanaons, Tausogs, Cebuanos, Tagalogs, etc.). We have one experienced  and excellent teacher from the USA and an active administrative staff from Singapore.  WISHES consists of different people from different cultural backgrounds but all work as one with the same purpose --  to worship Allah, the Almighty and attain ultimate supreme success in the eternal world.

● Situated in a peaceful, green, air and noise polluted  free environment, with 3-floor fully air-conditioned Mosque;

● Islamic Library with new Islamic books from Saudi Arabia ● Fully air-conditioned lecture/social hall and Hostel/dormitory (with air-conditioned rooms and private toilets equipped with hot/cold shower/water facility);

● Halal school cafeteria ● Spacious playground with  landscaped garden  and a parking area; and

● Affordable  registration and tuition fees compared to other quality (high standard) private schools in Davao City and elsewhere.

 For more information, contact /visit us: Wisdom Campus, Abinsay St., Dumanlas,  Buhangin, Davao City, Tel.  2844458, Mobile: 09214122958 or email: .

This is for You,, O Allah ...

“…Truly my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my
death, are (all) for Allah , the Rabb (Only God, Cherisher and
Sustainer) of the Worlds.”
(Qur’an 6:162)


“...Our Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer)! Accept (this service) from us.
Verily, You are the All-Hearing, the All Knowing.” 
(Qur’an 2:127)

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“...Say: ‘Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?  It is those who are endowed with understanding (Islamic knowledge) that receive admonition.’”  (Qur’an, 39:9)

“...Allah will raise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and have been granted (Islamic) Knowledge.  And Allah s well-acquainted with all you do.”  (Qur’an, 58:11)

Abdullah ibn ‘Amr   reported that Allah ’s Messenger  said, “Knowledge consists of three things: the decisive verses (Qur’an), authentic Ahadîth and prescriptions rightly deduced from the two. What is beside them is superfluous.” (Ibn Majah 1/54)

Anas Bin Malik   reported that Allah’s  Messenger  said, “Seeking of  (Islamic) knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim...”  (Ibn Majah 1/224 and Tirmidhi 218)

Abdullah Bin Mas`ud    narrated that Allah’s  Messenger said, “A man shall be asked concerning five things on the day of resurrection: concerning his life, how he spent it; concerning his youth, how he grew old;  concerning his wealth, whence he acquired it, and in what way he spent it; and what was it that he did with the knowledge that he had.”   (Tirmidhi  5197)